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Long Beach on the web in 2001!
I logged onto my favorite site today, and noticed they offer the ability to search from 10 years ago.

I input the keywords "Long Beach" and VERY few sites popped up (I say "popped up" because Googling makes me feel like Mary Poppins!).  You see the City, LB Opera, the "Municipal Court" homepage, very little.  Note that the Arts For Long Beach "council" was called artspca back then).

Then I googled SUBLIME.  (Or maybe they popped up under Long Beach, this local band as VERY smart to use free internet to promote their music.  They were one of the earliest and they are STILL the most popular LB-based band, STILL played on your FM dial today even though it's been years since the lead sing Bradley Nowell passed away  (R.I.P.)

I found a message board from 2001 on "Long Beach Living" where my moniker was  (When I post on a message board I use my own URL as my screen name).

So I decided to google and POP!  Back then TPS had 60 entries in google, TODAY it is 11,300.  Check out my OLD site which was created by a dude who saw my --> "Passion Wanted":  Do you have a Talent, Product or Service you'd like to share with The 562?" <-- flyer on the door of a dark back alley near 3rd and Cherry.

It is because of JERRY LEE HUDSON (the first to admit he wasn't a pro webmaster back then) that exists today.  And it's because of JERRY that you can poke around and pop into some of the Long Beach "core" sites that still exist today via TPS - The Prime Spot! supports the Creative Community.
 Do YOU?!
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