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Interesting and Boring Facts... This is My Brain on the Web.

I'm a Gemini although those who use their real birthdays on the web may think I'm a Taurus!  (I don't follow astronomy or fortunetelling).  Being told as a kid I "couldn't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time", I love to multi-task and have appreciation for products and creations (including art) that have multipurpose.

I turned down an opportunity to work for Nobel Peace Prize Winner Linus Pauling (Oahu, 1993)...  Previous occupations have included Human Resources Management, United Airline Summer Lobby Agent, and a "mail girl" for a computer company.   I recently started working Full-Time for the USPS.  Previously I worked 6 hours per day in SPECIAL DELIVERY, Express Mail and Collections, serving Long Beach, Carson and Signal Hill, CA.  A part-time government job with benefits has kept me off the streets (except when being paid to excercize ie carry the mail) and into the local creative scene.   Go !
My Full-Time position in Customer Service leads me to firmly believe that every citizen in America should have the human right to efficient mail service.  Every day I work, I empathize with those who call in with their "mail problems."  I've learned that if I ever move again to first research management of that zip code's mail service.  That said, I LOVE my PO Box and only Federally Employed people only handling my mail. 
I believe having a drama free life result in less gray hair (I got my first gray at 21 and so far don't need to dye it.  I don't fancy pouring chemicals right to my brain, anyway).  Work aside, I like to realign things.  Streamline.   My presentation lacks polish but the gist is there - there is creativity abound which makes my time on Earth much more enjoyable.
Right now, I'm enjoying the present, preserving the past, and pondering my future!

TPSradio (The Prime Spot radio show) was broadcast on 3 college stations for twelve (12) years, playing Music of Bands with Upcoming Gigs in The 562.  ( = Long Beach City College's , CSULB's and's  THE PRIME SPOT college radio show is currently on hiatus although you CAN enjoy audio visual posts and Live Webcast  clips at

I started blogging in 1997 when I bought my first PC.  (I hear "Once you go MAC, you never go back.")  Greg Narain (New York( and I  brought the first "public podcast" event to Long Beach in 2004 at  (Note:  ANYone can have their own radio show, google PODCAST.  I own and just approached a couple about podcasting.  Stay tuned).  

KaRi = KAren maRIE Nielsen = nickname derived from advocating for LB's Rape Hotline years ago.    It's spelled with a capital "R" to easily distinguish spam and phishing AND it's easy to remember, right?

Old Link to Capt Milkdud's FLASHCOM 2000 Presents ,
Margery Sauve and Louise Kripal

KaRi and 
<by Louise Kripal> Newsletter April/May 2008

How does one ever begin to describe KaRi? And then what is anyway? Well, you could
start with some basic facts like KaRi was born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Freehold, New Jersey and lived in the Land of Aloha for a stint.  And that she's a part-time Express Mail carrier for the Post Office. However the best place to start is by explaining what The is and what it means not only to KaRi, but to us all.

I was first introduced to KaRi and through fellow artist advocate, Anna Wooten (who will be interviewed in an upcoming issue). We both were helping Anna coordinate an East Village art exhibition for AHA or Artist Helping Artists. KaRi was there doing what she does best: being a first rate “people promoter”.

How so, you ask? You see, KaRi has a very unique and innate gift: the ability to discover, energize and convince (hundreds, today possibly thousands of) people, that they have talent. And then, with her passion to create, KaRi utilizes her websites,, to provide those willing, an opportunity to connect and be known. KaRi is the connection! She’s the “conduit” as she has humbly been called by local band Slushbox or better yet, she’s what I call, the “mastermind” behind the scenes. To whatever KaRi chooses to take on, she gives it her all and when you couple it with her enthusiasm, she’s downright contagious.

Here’s just a short sample of KaRi’s accomplishments.

Former Columnist for "View From the Hill” newpaper" (Signal Hill) & (KaRi's KoRner), volunteered as: TourGuide for LB's Artwalk, LB Heritage, University Art
Museum, Big Red Bus Art Tours Summer 2007, also Project Read, WF2003, SACA Rape Hotline, feeding the homeless, LBCTelevision, CSULB/Cerritos/LBCC student radio.

In 1997, KaRi began supporting the Arts with the acquisition of her first piece of art, a painting by Josh Nardo, the son of a fellow postal worker and her first "local" CD of the band, Mention. Today, KaRi’s Art collection has grown and now includes pieces by several well-known Long Beach Arts Members.

Back in 1999 she started promoting arts, music, local CD’s, local events, and anything happening in the 90802 zip code. KaRi funded neighbor, Leldon's music demo prior to being signed by MCA, and gave Jerry Lee (drummer/The Tinder Box) his first paid gig in LB as a web designer. She uploaded her homemade music video that was played on Channel 3 into a video podcast.  From 2001-2003 KaRi was responsible for running ThePrimeSpot Soundstage at Gallery Eleven Seven. Here she gave many local bands exposure, promoting their appearance by playing their CD on The Prime Spot Radio Show.

When it comes to websites, KaRi takes the cake. She owns over 50 URLs. KaRi got involved with the eVillage after painting her own car with a website address., when she took part in an Art Car event.  She also runs, and .  She's podcasted since 2005.

In closing, please make a note that September 2008 will be a special month for KaRi. & will be celebrating its 9th Anniversary and KaRi will feature Artists with Disabilities during the 2nd Saturday Art Walk at Gallery Eleven Seven. Featured will be paintings by Cindi Bernhardt ( and also jazz singer Margery Lee Sauve ( Both of these special women are examples of who inspires KaRi, who in turn encourages others to use their creativity fully!

Look to a future issue for more information on KaRi and this upcoming event.


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