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First of all, delve into LONG BEACH!

Long Beach is the most diverse city in the nation, from the mini mansions on the beach to the fashionable jewelry shops and tasty cafes of Cambodia Town.  (Did you read about my tour in 2004?) It would be SO COOL if the LBC could become the prime example of a community of All Nations living together cohesively,

THE PRIME SPOT dot COM started out as a newsletter all about Long Beach, CA via AOL.  It contained a paragraph from Justin Rudd back then, who was catapulted on the web when Marc Posch created his awesome website!  
On 9/9/99 at 9am Jerry Lee Hudson (creator of Tinderbox - local live music + mural painting years later) uploaded the very first webpage featuring an artist I supported by sponsoring his demo:  LELDON   The major record labels CAME TO LONG BEACH to sign him, MCA won out ;)
ThePrimesRadio Show began @ LBCC (Long Beach City College) in 2000.   The goal was to drop off my collection of CD's to play because I thought airplay could extend the exposure.  Students were NOT interest in playing someone else's collection so I "had to do it."  (And HATED being solo in the old station/dungeon with NOone  - they all wore headphones on campus!  Out of frustration, I moved to's because they were online.  When I was invited by to join in Norwalk, I took him up on it 2 years later WHILE airing on both AND Long Beach Community Television (update:
In 2000 I asked Kelly Quinn at the Long Beach Public Library about starting a LOCAL MUSIC COLLECTION and Kelly made it happen!  This is where my extra promo CD's were donated.  (I currently have over 500 local LB musician's CD's in ThePrimeSpot Private Music Collection). 
Currently you can enjoy THE PRIME SPOT Radio on occasion on LIVE INTERACTIVE TV here: and Spring & Fall 2011 Weds 8-9pm on csulb's
THE PRIME SPOTlights local (TPS) Talent, Products, Services of The 562 area (code) of SoCalifornia.  Visit a local news group Written By and For The People LOCAL to this area.   To learn more about the "The Prime Spot" roots and see how it evolved, browse the beginning posts! at

Local Art, Music, TV & Radio!

Our latest Press Release through PRweb has received over 86,000 reads!


Click below to hear TPSradio interview Podcasters that attended Podcast Expo 2006 + 2007.  And remember, "Long Beach, Signal Hill and Carson, CA have EXPRESS MAIL Delivery Every Day!  Call 1-800-ask-usps (This ad NOT endorsed by the US Postal Service)

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