First Class Stamp price falls two cents!
.49 - .02 = .47 cents effective 04-10-16

Welcome to what is quite possibly THE WORLD'S LARGEST BLOG, created by Long Beach, California's first Blogger.  Exciting things are happening, so stay tuned!  Also, don't forget to visit my LinkedIn at the left!

ABOVE:  Seeking A Dog Friendly Room to Rent in REDONDO BEACH weekends only.  LISTEN here: (562)804-5625

(BELOW:  The first "music video" TPSradio created for local TV featured a singer songwriter from LB who went on to become an MCA recording artist.  (The record labels came to TRACY's in Long Beach!) 

LBweekly c/o  PO Box 562 Long Beach, CA 90801 ThePrimeSpot.TV Charter Ch 32 and Verizon FIOS Ch 41.  (562)804-5625 " is not a business, it's a Pleasure!" 

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